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Oh Yeah Oktober - Graduan Aspire (Part 2)

Entry sebelum ni ada aku story
sal Graduan Aspire...
ni lak sambungan ke-2...

Ketika Conference sedang berlangsung

Tugas aku semasa event ni,
start pada awal pagi pukul 9...
yakni Aspire 300 Conference...

dinamakan Aspire 300 Conference
sal aku bertanggungjawab cari
300 top student yg cemerlang
tak kira dari IPTA, IPTS,
hatta yg belajar di oversea pun...
Royal Melbourne University, Monash University,
Vanderbilt University, Shanghai University,
semua aku call....
dan hasilnya,
325 org mendaftar semasa conference ni...
jauh dari target kami iaitu 300 org....
sal pada mulanya,
tak sampai 100 org yg setuju hadir...
berkat kerja kuat kami,
alhamdulilah, capai target...

dan panel2 nya bukan calang2...
kami ada -

10.30 A.M. – 11.30 A.M.               Topic : Building A Career in Malaysia

Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly, CEO of Celcom Axiata Berhad
  Dato Seri Johan Raslan, Executive Chairman of PwC Malaysia
   Johan Merican , CEO of Talent Corp
Sajith Sivanandan , Country Head of Google Malaysia

Moderator : Wan Mohd. Firdaus, Chairman of Young Corporate Malaysia
*Imej Dato Shazali tidak kelihatan kt sini, harap maaf

11.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.               Topic : The Pursuit of Dreams

Harith Iskander, Stand Up Comedian, Director, Writer and Actor
 Hans Isaac, Actor/Film & TV Director/Producer
 Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk
 Joel Neoh , CEO of Groupon Malaysia

Moderator : Wan Mohd. Firdaus, Chairman of Young Corporate Malaysia

dan memang aku gemuruh nk handle diorang ni,
dhlah student 300 lebih,
tambah lagi ngan org2 penting cm CEO Celcom, Dato Shazali ngan org kuat PwC, Dato Johan Raslan
ni close up diorang time aku ngah makan kt kafe lounge KL Convec, sebelum conference start

diorang menuju ke Plenary Theatre. Conference dh nk start

Dato Shazali, CEO Celcom ngan Hans Isaac

Tambah lg sorg, Harith Iskander, rupenya dr perbualan yg aku dengar, diorg ni member baik

Disebabkan aku busy masa tu dengan pendaftaran untuk pengunjung2 yang datang ke Graduan Aspire ni di Ground Floor, maka aku tak dapat join conference ni, dan itu memang perkara paling SEDIH buat aku,
sal rata2 pengunjung yang keluar dari Plenary Theatre lepas habis conference tu kata,
conference ni mmg lain dari yg lain dan banyak input berguna yg diorg dapat.
Mana taknyer, jarang2 student2 dapat jumpa dengan org2 besar dlam dunia korporat ni...

dan ini hasil ulasan dari conference tu

They shared about their experience of getting the 1st job and also doing their internships.

Dato Johan said about him studying in London back in those days. Then getting his internships and photocopying documents and also making coffees.

Dato Shazalli was proud that he sold dadih in Kg.Baru and from that he got a job offers from a marketing company.

Mr.Sajith was the only foreign leaders in 4 of them. He started with Channel V in India. Which was a new entertainment channel back in 1996.

Lastly, Mr.Johan speak about how he got into audit firm just to think that he could get a steady job. In the end, he thought otherwise and from then he move forward each and everyday.

I would like to share a few thoughts that being shared this morning.

1. Adaptability vs Uniqueness
- Adapting in your surroundings is rather important factor that employers see in one but you need to adapt and yet stands out. Openness to experiences is also important as only when you are open minded then only you will learn eagerly.
- All are encourage to have the willingness travel as because being in other countries will help in further career enhancements.
- Diverse workforce is a good platform to train one's adaptability.

2. Local VS Foreign University
- this is a stereotyping of thinking but also a reality where everyone in this world is thinking about it.
- Graduates should battle stereotyping by this means students should involve in more activities beside studying. Build networks & also confident.
- Graduates are required to erase all the perceptions with their own effort meaning being actively involve yourself in things that will build you.

3. Earlier challenges and how to overcome it
- 2 way relationships.
- It is believe that who you mix with that makes you. Environment shapes you hence the people with actually do matters.
- Honor & treasure those who treat you well then you will be successful along your path.

4. Brain Drain
- There are lots of GLCs(Government Link Companies) which also act as a MNCs(Multinational Companies) in Malaysia nowadays. Lots of companies are looking for young & creative talents hence eagerness to work and love challenges will help in getting your ideas across the table.

A few last words from them..

1. Don't equate job promotion with career growth.
2. Do things that you have more passion. It help you grow.
3. Focus on things that keep you driving forward. (ie, family)
4. Look for meaning of why you doing it.
5. Find meaning in work, it motivates you.
6. Find things that turn-you-on at work and keep going.
7. Build your personally brand. (You need to be the best in your field so that everyone wants you)
8. Failures are important to success. It helps to build yourself up again from zero to hero and that's when you learn even more.
9. Work ethics & Values (Treasure dignity & moral/civic values)

dan entry seterusnya, mengenai perjalanan event ni, dapat bekerjasama dengan Ambassador, atau sukarelawan Graduan Aspire 2011 yg terdiri dari pelajar2 Asing dari Turki, Iran, Afrika, dan lain....

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